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International symposium on constructed wetlands & small decentralized wastewater treatment plants


  29th-31st August 2019, Patras, Greece


Welcome from Prof. Lyberatos

Most European cities have wastewater treatment plants in place, securing thus adequate protection of the aquatic environment.  Small communities, however, with a population under 2000, are still far from meeting effluent requirements.  The “International symposium on constructed wetlands & small decentralized wastewater treatment plants” ISCW2019, has as a goal to bring together all stakeholders (academicians, local government and technology developers) in an effort to assess the current state of the art in this important environmental issue.  The mandate of Circular Economy implies a special interest in the valorization of resources.  Thus water reuse and valorization of the generated biomass, e.g. in constructed wetlands are also important issues.  Finally, the fate of nutrients and emerging pollutants in small and decentralized wastewater treatment systems is also an important concern.

Join us in a 2- day symposium in the beautiful city of Patras, Greece that will allow us to present and discuss the latest developments in the field.  Then, on the third day, join as in an excursion to the great archeological site of Olympia.

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