Expected Outputs & Results

O1. Improvement of the existing infrastructure in the communities involved in the project and the optimization of the operation of the respective CWs there, with the active involvement of the communities

O2. Creation of a software tool, a platform model that will be adequate for predicting the performance of different CWs and will be freelydistributed in order to be applied for the determination of best wastewater management

O3. Fully operating CWs in Ploutochori and Choletria in optimized conditions and equipped with all the necessary monitoring devises that will facilitate their long time maintenance

O4. Demonstration of sustainable solutions the reuse of water via its exploitation for crops growth and development of an industrial forest and reuse of associated natural resources

R1. Ensuring the sustainability and maintenance of the CWs, even after the end of the project as a consequence of the adoption of good practices based on low maintenance and predictability of failures due to external factors

R2. Free suppling and using/ benefit from the platform model, for any final recipient (e.g. local authorities, private initiatives etc.) in BalkanMed countries or other region beyond those that has conditions where the DOMUS_CW technology could be applicable at community level

R3. Τhe multiple direct benefits of the municipalities/communities participating in the project due to 1) the permanent infrastructure upgrading of their CWs, 2) the landscape improvement promoting the quality of residents life and 3) the identification of possible solution for the CW effluents re-use, with subsequent environmental benefits

R4. the spread out of good practices beyond the borders of the participating in DOMUS- countries via the training, dissemination and publicity actions.