The project will be implemented in Greece, Albania and Cyprus.

CW1 will be operated at Ploutochori, a community of the Municipality of Andrichaina/Krestena (PP2)(N37.33.29,499; E21.36.33,852), located in Ilia Prefecture, Western Greece Region.

LP is located in Patras the capital of Achaia Prefecture, Western Greece Region. Achaia and Ilia are comprised by rural areas mostly that are the target of the project.

CW2 will be operated at Choletria (N34.45.51,313; E32.35.17,426), Paphos Province Union of Communities, Paphos Province. PP4, will be in charge of all actions implemented at Choletria (WP3, WP5) and organize the workshop at Paphos (WP2).

PP3 is located in Limasol, Limasol Province. OP is located at the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia. OP will have a significant role in the communication campain of the project and an advisory role throughout its implementation.

PP5 is located in Tirana, the capital city of Albania.